American Original.

The best taste, the best quality.

The first Billy's was established in 2009 in the Madison Shopping Center. It was our first one. At the moment, you can be our guest in four places on the gastronomic map of the Tri-City and one in Poznań.

We have something to be proud of - Billy's is the longest operating American restaurant in the north of Poland.
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Although many people associate American cuisine with relatively cheap and simple, steaks, next to seafood, truffles, caviar or lobsters, are among the most luxurious dishes. Some customers come for burgers, cheesecake, wings and of course whiskey, but there is a large group that comes only for steaks. Americans ask precisely about the type of meat, know the degrees of doneness and can appreciate if the dish is perfectly prepared.Cała t
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The Secret of the American Burger

The whole secret of preparing a classic American hamburger is to use only beef meat, without mixing it with, for example a pork. What is often surprising - no eggs, breadcrumbs or other additives are used, except for possible spices.
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Billy's for Everyone

At Billy's, we have always made sure that every guest feels comfortable. We know that tolerance, kindness and openness are the basis for a proper relationship with our guests. The American dream of equality and freedom comes true every day at Billy's.
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Sport Events

Watch a game with your friends drinking beer and eating our great ribs. Breakfast and Formula 1? Sports emotions and Billy's food guarantee a good time! Come with your mates to cheer together.
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Business meetings

Specific conversations require appropriate entourage. A wide selection of alcohols, excellent cuisine and tactful service ensure that even the most difficult negotiations will be successful. For this occasions we always have chilled bottles of champagne.
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Every occasion is good to meet with your closest. An evening with friends from the school, a birthday party, a crazy stag / hen party, or maybe you want to ask the Love of Your Life to marry you. We are specialists in creating good moments
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Billy’s Cocktails

The skull is smoking, and the pirates are noisily raising a toast to the health of beautiful ladies.
We mix, we mix classic and unusual. Billy's is not only excellent food, but also cocktails with the WOW effect! What are we drinking?
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See You at Billy’s