At Billy's on Wyspa Spichrzów, we will take you on a wonderful journey across the ocean, without a visa!

Our restaurant is located in the most prestigious part of Gdańsk, The Granary Island, which has undergone a beautiful revitalization of the former granaries of Gdańsk. During World War II, this place was thoroughly damaged by the fighting in this area. It is worth recalling that in 1540, the entire island was completely under water for almost two weeks as a result of a flood. Despite this, some of the ruins have been preserved, restored, and now form the basis of modern hotels and restaurants. You won't find granaries here anymore, but the time spent in this part of Gdańsk will surely bring you many pleasant moments, and a visit to Billy's will be something special for you. It is here that the best ribs and seasoned steaks are served. We invite everyone who wants to feel the real American Dream in the heart of Gdańsk in the company of loved ones with a beautiful view of historic tenement houses and ships sailing on the Motława River. The waiters will ensure that your visit with us is a kind of experience during which you will feel the atmosphere of the States in Gdańsk.

American culture in any, even the slightest degree. It is primarily the decor, atmosphere and always smiling staff and individual approach that distinguish our restaurant the most, and also put our guests in a unique mood.

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    ul. Chmielna 3/8
    (Wyspa Spichrzów)
    Restaurant open hours:
    niedziela - czwartek 08:00–24:00
    piątek - sobota 08:00–02:00
    We serve breakfast
    daily from opening until 12:00

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